Cowboys and Werewolves

Well, my day is off to a rousing start.

Q: When is a kitty’s fur the softest?

A: Apparently at 4am.

Gosh, Echo, you’re so darn cute… Can’t blame her for waking me though, she was sick and was out of food.  :/

So!  Today: Cowboys and Werewolves.

I’m working on a piece for Mystichawker Press, a fledgling listing.  They know what they want.

I decided to to a google image search of “Cowboys and Werewolves” for inspiration, and, well…

So I’ll just try to forget I did that, and stick with my original plan: write the rootin’est tootin’est, gunslingingest, cross genrefest I’ve ever penned.

So far we’ve got space cowboys sent to a recently colonized planet to hunt… alien werewolves.

If you’re thinking this

meets this

but with -spoiler alert- multiple moons…

…you’re basically bang on the money.

I’m using characters I’ve written a bunch, trying them on in some sci-fi roles again.  I love switching up genres and settings for characters I’ve written and want to write again.

I’m having great fun with it.  Hopefully their editors will as well.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

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