Sleep Over


For fans of the oral history genre phenomenon World War Z, a worldwide plague of insomnia creates a devastating new apocalypse.

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From the Barnes & Nobel review:

Sleep Over is a dark work of horror, pitting humans against a seemingly insurmountable phenomena. In its sometimes nightmarish scenes of a world falling into ruin, it manages to be as thought-provoking as it is disturbing, as each new event adds to the chaos. But Bells also finds relief, as people come together, even at the worst of times. It’s a story of a world beaten, but not broken; an impressive debut that will, dare I say it, keep you up nights.”

Other praise for Sleep Over:

“[Bells’s] linked stories span the globe and the human spectrum, made even scarier by their relatability. . . . Despite the grim elements, human resilience and compassion are the overwhelming themes of this well-written collection, and the coda is full of hope.”―Publishers Weekly

“Readers looking for a twist on conventional apocalypse tales will enjoy this look at alternative human zombies that is no less political than Nancy Kress’ Beggars Trilogy. A grimly suspenseful tale with a brutally real ending.” ―Booklist

“As thought-provoking as it is disturbing . . . an impressive debut that will, dare I say it, keep you up nights..”―Barnes & Noble Sci-Fi & Fantasy Blog

“A book that gains momentum as it unfolds, taking a truly panoramic approach to a worldwide apocalypse that’s both unexpected and unsettling to read. Highly original and recommended.” ―Cat Sparks, author of Lotus Blue

“Prepare for many sleepless nights. Sleep Over is richly realized, and I fully admit: reading the dozens of accounts of what would be personal hell was instead an absolute pleasure.” ―Andrew Post, author of Aftertaste

“Bells creates some truly memorable, haunting images and vivid scenes that stay with you long after your eyelids are closed. Whether or not you get any sleep is another matter entirely.” ―Mike Bockoven, author of FantasticLand and Pack

“H.G. Bells is brilliant in this chilling, down-to-earth tale that illustrates with frightening ease just how close to disaster our society really is.”―Bennett R. Coles, author of March of War



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