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Hello and Welcome to the New HG!

Hello Dear Readers.  Personal post ahead! Thanks so much for still sticking around with me.  It’s been a doozy of a time, a real top-notch shitshow for me personally.  The past 2 years have been awful.  But things are great … Continue reading

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A good week!

It feels really good to be deep into working on Sleep Over again. It also feels good to have a timeline nailed down. I didn’t put events in order because I wanted the narrative to mirror the confusion of the … Continue reading

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Would You Rather / Hateful Ace / The Witness

Hello dear readers!  Things are going well; I am waiting on my editor at Skyhorse to have a look at the final draft of the MS.  From there it’s line and copy editing.  I can’t wait until I can share the … Continue reading

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It is with great pleasure that I announce I have a publisher for my novel Sleep Over! My first published novel will be with Skyhorse Publishing.  They have placed 33 books on the New York Times bestseller list; I hope … Continue reading

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Right On Track!

The thing about being rejected NOW, with an agent, is that it feels like nothing at all. At this point we’re looking for the publisher that wants the book, that thinks the book will be the right fit for their brand. … Continue reading

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My X-Files Message in a Bottle Reply in the News

So last week I posted on reddit about how I used to throw messages in bottles over the side of the ferry, and when I was 11 someone from the X-Files responded to one. Well maybe I can find the … Continue reading

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Checking In While Waiting for Good News

Just wanted to say Hey. Whatcha thinking bout. Me?  Oh not much.  I haven’t written anything for a few weeks.  A strange feeling.  I’ve trained myself so well that it feels really odd to not be writing.  Like petting a … Continue reading

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Titles Are Hard

You have to pick a title.  You can’t start querying without a title. Did you get your friends to suggest some to you? Wait wait, you started querying before you had a good title? I feel like an idjit. But … Continue reading

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