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H.G. Bells writes around the intersections of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. She has several short stories in print, and is repped by Beth Campbell for her novel Sleep Over, coming soon from Skyhorse Publishing.

Hello New Zealand, Hello The Wangapeka

I arrived in New Zealand on December 29th, 2016, summer in the southern hemisphere.  The air was fragrant with all sorts of floral aromatics, the warm breeze was fresh from the ocean, and I was excited to be in such … Continue reading

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Hello and Welcome to the New HG!

Hello Dear Readers.  Personal post ahead! Thanks so much for still sticking around with me.  It’s been a doozy of a time, a real top-notch shitshow for me personally.  The past 2 years have been awful.  But things are great … Continue reading

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A good week!

It feels really good to be deep into working on Sleep Over again. It also feels good to have a timeline nailed down. I didn’t put events in order because I wanted the narrative to mirror the confusion of the … Continue reading

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Getting it square

This week I worked on putting together a fictional timeline of the insomnia apocalypse for my publisher. I’ll see what sort of revisions they have in mind once they see a blow-by-blow of world events during Sleep Over! Here’s some … Continue reading

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Another round of revisions!

Well, my editor at Skyhorse has come back with comments on my revised MS, and they would like another round of revisions. We’ll see how much work it’s going to end up being, but I know in the end it … Continue reading

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NO to The Huffington Post, YES to These Sites That Pay Writers

Originally posted on Just Alyssa:
Since I don’t have anyone on staff to choose photos and write captions, you’ll just have to picture me as Leia and Arianna as Jabba. (I do own the slave bikini, FWIW.) If I had…

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Mango Nightmares!

OK so I don’t know if I’m alone in this.  Maybe I am, or maybe somewhere out there in my readership is another person who also gets Mango Nightmares.  How do you tell if you have Mango Nightmares?  It is … Continue reading

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“Sleep loss boosts hunger, unhealthy food choices” It’s fascinating to see just how much sleep (quality and amount) effects our life! And now for some pictures: …That’s gotta be the best Tina Belcher cosplay I’ve ever seen. Toodles! Heidi out.

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Maybe soon we’ll get to Mars!

For today: A sobering look at being an author and getting published: from Ian Irvine. And, on a happier or perhaps more optimistic note, here’s what we’d need to Mars to make it habitable!   That’s all for now.  Thanks … Continue reading

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Mayhaps I’ve Found Some Delights

Here are some nice things I’ve found to share with you: This video made me laugh- what a joy! This dog has been separated from his owner for a while.  Watch as he realises something wonderful is about to … Continue reading

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