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Method Writing Experiment: Preparing for 100 Hours Without Sleep

As you may remember, I have been known to engage in something I’ve decided to call “Method Writing”. If you’re unfamiliar with Method Acting, basically it’s a technique employed by actors to put themselves in the psychological state of the … Continue reading

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The Ramifications of Creating a New Life Form and a Silly Video of a Cat

Yesterday, I went to a broadcast of a play.  Last year, I went to National Theatre’s production of “Frankenstein” and was delighted to see they were rebroadcasting it.  So I got tickets for me and my friends and we went … Continue reading

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Word Clouds: Silly and Enlightening

I enjoy playing with word clouds. I made one for a recent short story, “The Darker Paths”: Word clouds are fun. But did I really use “Max” and “Brian” *that* much?  Gosh.  Something to keep in mind when I’m crafting. … Continue reading

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Cat Nicknames Level Up

When I got my cat, I called her many things.  Sometimes I even called her by her actual name, but mostly not. I’ve decided to document this interesting, and ongoing, change in nicknames for my cat.  This will possibly lower … Continue reading

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Flu Symptoms May Include Creepy Minecraft Roleplaying.

Gosh, I’ve been sick for almost all of January.  Not stellar.  Aaron’s been home all week too. ‘Tis a plague house, be gone, be gone! To distract myself, I’ve been playing Minecraft again.  New worldtype: super flat.  It’s bedrock, 3 … Continue reading

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What I Did on Blackout Day: A Pocket Full of Links

I’m sure Reddit will be inundated with posts about the blackout. F7U12 will be full of blackout related comics. Pics will be full of blanket forts and other things made out of boredom to fill the gap that is usually … Continue reading

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The Madness of the Unproductive Writer

Sooo…  Not writing, waiting for it to stop raining so I can go get more boxes for packing… And then there’s this… Clicky One. Bonus Clicky. So… cutting back on the coffee, methinks. Distracted by moving.  When no boxes pressent, … Continue reading

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