Heidi Grace Bleackley grew up in Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada.  She loves the West Coast, and currently lives in Vancouver, where she enjoys writing very much, and hopes to have a long career as an author.

She will now stop referring to herself in the third person. Did it work? I think it did. There. That’s better.

I am still a Projectionist, projecting digital films at a multiplex downtown, and 70mm OMNIMAX film at a science centre downtown.

I host weekly games nights, weekly tabletop roleplaying sessions, attend geek meetups, and go out to a film once a week.

I write a great many things and have had several short stories published.  My agent is Beth Campbell over at Bookends Lit. I’ve played around with an Oddcast called Forgotten, and developing a few other ideas, like a western-comedy TV show.

My life plan is this: be happy, make others happy, and write amazing stories to garner an audience that will howl for more.  Oh, and to shape our collective cultural narrative and steer humanity towards the bright future I envision …you know, the usual.

You can contact me via email: hgbleackley(at)gmail(dot)com

For professional inquiries, you can contact my agent, Beth Campbell, at bcampbell(at)bookends-inc(dot)com

Some extra facts about me, because I don’t really know why an “about me” should be standard when I can make it fun.

I have:

  • had the mumps, whooping cough, vertigo, and e. coli.
  • been stabbed by a hawk, fed a baby deer, and dog sledded.
  • caught a salmon with my bare hands.
  • sung in a world renowned choir, played compositions on the piano in front of audiences, and made adjudicators cry.
  • played the flute, guitar, and had one fateful summer of violin which ended with me and my entire group of friends being quarantined while we were camping.

I am a graduate of the Vancouver Film School, and hold both my BC Motion Picture Orientation cert, and a traffic control person ticket.

I was a P.A. on Eve and the Fire Horse, worked in the art department on another production, and was an extra in the last episode of The X-Files shot in Vancouver.

I used to throw messages in bottles over the side of the ferry, and, when I was 11, The X-Files responded to one of them and blew my mind.

I get one pumpkin spice latte a year, to celebrate the anniversary of becoming a Projectionist.  Though, I have perfected the art of making my own using canned pumpkin.

I love Robin Hood.

I wish on shooting stars, wave at the International Space Station whenever I see it, and was Captain of Star Trek Vancouver for a time.

I bind books, dabbled in chain maille, and practice archery.

I binge-watch TV shows to help get over the crazy feelings that come with finishing writing a novel.

I will never stop writing.

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