Flush Fiction, Echo the bitey-scratchy

Today I mail off two flash fiction subs for Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader (Flush Fiction- hardy har har!).

I wrote two pieces for this, each under a thousand words.  Both were good fun.  One is a vignette from my space-western ‘verse, another is two alien kids documenting everything they found on a human female.

Snail mail subs only are silly; I suppose if someone prefers to only review material in a printed-on-paper format, they need to be sent a physical copy, but I think this is an unfortunate holdover from the age of print.  I much prefer e-subs, for the ease of sending and communicating, and as the more ecologically friendly choice (not just printing on paper- also mailing stuff around the continent expands my carbon footprint, which I’m trying to keep to a minimum!).

We had a poker night last night.  Nice night with nice friends.  Made delicious pasta and Szechuan green beans (found a good recipe on youtube here: Show Me The Curry!).

Echo was her usual bitey, scratchy self.


About H.G. Bells

H.G. Bells writes around the intersections of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. She has several short stories in print, and is repped by Beth Campbell for her novel Sleep Over, coming soon from Skyhorse Publishing.
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