Important Question Upon Waking

I awoke this morning wondering if there were giraffes that were unusually taller than other giraffes.

Sure brain, this is an important thing to try and figure out as you’re waking up.

I kept a dream journal for a year solid.  It took dedication; sometimes I wanted to relish waking up slowly, but I knew that doing so would cause the dreams of the night to waft into the ethers.  I wrote down every dream.  I have a book full of strangeness, which I bagan copying into a nice good copy, categorizing them (“Being Chased” and “Shopping” are the two most prevalent themes).

I think last night was my first dream about giraffes.  That’s all.

Tonight, I embark upon my vacation; Aaron and I are going camping on wonderful Keats Island.  Some friends are joining us.  We muster in downtown Vancouver today, then head to Gibsons to get our gear in order.  We’ll be catching a water taxi tomorrow morning to Plumpers Cove, a wonderful spot.

Games I’m hauling over there: our newly opened Harry Potter CCG, a deck of cards, Once Upon a Time (great storytelling game), possibly Race for the Galaxy, and Citadels.  We’re all about games when we camp.

Also on the menu: a book about cracking the Northwest Passage, Sno Crash, my sketch book, and writing journal (going to return with a piece or two ready to type out and submit).

Yesterday I submitted two pieces to Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader Flush Fiction: “Starship Engineers Make the Best of Friends” and “Zargnafs to Xebits”.  Both were fun to write, and I think people would enjoy them whilst using the washroom.  :}

So, I shall post again on Tuesday with news of Keats Island and Plumper Cove.

But for now, I shall go put all of my friend Ian’s belongings into a truck.  Seems everyone is moving these days…

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

Flush Fiction, Echo the bitey-scratchy

Today I mail off two flash fiction subs for Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader (Flush Fiction- hardy har har!).

I wrote two pieces for this, each under a thousand words.  Both were good fun.  One is a vignette from my space-western ‘verse, another is two alien kids documenting everything they found on a human female.

Snail mail subs only are silly; I suppose if someone prefers to only review material in a printed-on-paper format, they need to be sent a physical copy, but I think this is an unfortunate holdover from the age of print.  I much prefer e-subs, for the ease of sending and communicating, and as the more ecologically friendly choice (not just printing on paper- also mailing stuff around the continent expands my carbon footprint, which I’m trying to keep to a minimum!).

We had a poker night last night.  Nice night with nice friends.  Made delicious pasta and Szechuan green beans (found a good recipe on youtube here: Show Me The Curry!).

Echo was her usual bitey, scratchy self.