Forgotten Episode 6: Waiting, Cat Pics, WAITING

Well dear readers, I have ultra mega exciting news, but I am waiting until it’s “official” before I broadcast it.  So for now I will try and hold my tongue (but seriously though I am having a tough time doing it).

In the mean time, here are some things for you!

Episode 6 of Forgotten is up!  “Waiting” presented even more of a challenge as far as asynchonicity goes; there are a few passages which diverge for quite some length before meeting up again.  This one took a few takes to get right.  😉  Hope you enjoy!

Aaaand, some more kitty pictures!

The cat shelves I built continue to be a huge success.  Lemon took to them right away, but Echo was a little hesitant; after only three instances of me ‘helping’ her up there though, she’s really taken a liking to them.

And I canned peaches yesterday! But there was something a little strange about one of them at the top of the box… I began gathering clues as to what could have possibly happened to it. A mystery was afoot!


Haha I think it was the most adorable way to have a bruised peach.

Oh an check out this one last thing; all these egg yolks went into making ice cream for Aaron’s birthday (way back in July- just getting around to uploading tons of photos now haha).  They were from two different cartons of eggs, if you’re wondering about the difference in colour (free run -vs- not).

Made for some delicious vanilla ice cream!

So that’s all for now folks.  I’m expecting my copies of Zombies Galore in the mail, and am looking forward to reading some good ol’ fashioned zombie short stories!  (That’s the one where you can look inside and read my piece “Monday Matinee Madness”!)

Next post is best post.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

Cat Nicknames Level Up

When I got my cat, I called her many things.  Sometimes I even called her by her actual name, but mostly not.

I’ve decided to document this interesting, and ongoing, change in nicknames for my cat.  This will possibly lower your opinion of my intelligence.  Well, to this, as with many situations in life, there is an XKCD.

XKCD on Cat Proximity.

I also should mention my attitude towards names.

In lore, names are an extremely powerful thing.  Lots of magic has to do with knowing the True Name of someone, or some thing.  The Name of the Wind, Rumpelstiltskin, The Hobbit, The Dresden Files; the list goes on and on.  I employed this interesting trope in my second novel, Trook Hunters, and was excited at the results it yielded.

More on True Names on Wikipedia here.

So, over the years, I’ve practiced up on learning the True Names of things.  Seems silly, but I have an astonishing rate of being able to call the neighbourhood cats to me.  It’s very rare that cats are actually named their true name, but I’ve found at least one case of this being true.  With all the others, I pick a name and try it out, and keep on trying until I say one the cat likes.  Silly, I know, but hey, it works.

The cats in my neighbourhood are named: Brickhouse, Shy One, Handsome (RIP), Tiramisu (Aaron named that one), Grey Cat (not actually his true name, I’m still trying to find that one- Grey Cat is the one he responds to most- he’s still pretty ferral), Houdini (actual name), Sofie (that’s her actual name; I can’t figure out her True Name though, she responds to anything, is super affectionate), and Nice Cat.  I’m still trying to broach several strays near my new apartment; the man downstairs feeds them, but they are feral and scared, and hard to observe.

I like naming things.  When writing, I spend an inordinate amount of time on names.

So, with all that in mind, I give you the evolution of cat nicknames for my cat.

Cat: Echo

Nicknames, in the order in which they were coined and used:



Brew Bean

Big Roo

Big Strange Roo

Roo Bean


Cat Butt

Big Cat Butt

Cute Boot


Muffin Bean

Muffin Butt


Fluffin Butt

…And this week, I levelled up: a four syllable cat nickname.

Dunder Mufflin.

(I’ve been getting into “The Office”.)

So, that’s it so far.  We’ve had her for one year.

No doubt there will be more.
Bonus pic.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

Flush Fiction, Echo the bitey-scratchy

Today I mail off two flash fiction subs for Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader (Flush Fiction- hardy har har!).

I wrote two pieces for this, each under a thousand words.  Both were good fun.  One is a vignette from my space-western ‘verse, another is two alien kids documenting everything they found on a human female.

Snail mail subs only are silly; I suppose if someone prefers to only review material in a printed-on-paper format, they need to be sent a physical copy, but I think this is an unfortunate holdover from the age of print.  I much prefer e-subs, for the ease of sending and communicating, and as the more ecologically friendly choice (not just printing on paper- also mailing stuff around the continent expands my carbon footprint, which I’m trying to keep to a minimum!).

We had a poker night last night.  Nice night with nice friends.  Made delicious pasta and Szechuan green beans (found a good recipe on youtube here: Show Me The Curry!).

Echo was her usual bitey, scratchy self.