A Labyrinth of Pear Trees

Last night, I had a culinary experience.  My brother-in-law and husband arranged a dinner for four as a birthday present for our bff (my bro’s beau, if you will), and I was the fourth.  We went to Pear Tree, an award winning gourmet restaurant.

We had five courses over two and a half hours, and it was spectacular.  I had something happen that’s never happened before.  When I had the bite of creme brûlée with the bit of pear with it, tears, actual tears, came to my eyes.  I love pear.  And this was a taste of heaven, elevated to the highest of heights.  It was wonderful, and to share it with three of my favourite people in the world, well, it was just incredible.

I’ve been checking in with my writing friends, and I was so pleased to see that one of them, a screenwriter, has obtained representation in LA.  Big time!  This is incredible.  The novelists equivalent would be scoring an agent in New York, which I hope to do soon.  It’s really nice seeing other writers have some success.

Meanwhile, I read my past works.  My first book has held up surprisingly well, even though I’ve evolved as a writer quite a bit since its completion.

And for some reason, this comic came to mind, and made me chuckle.  Oglaf, often NSFW, is hilarious, and this is my favourite one:  http://oglaf.com/labyrinth/

That’s all for now, folks.

Heidi out.

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

I am sad to see year of the Dragon pass; it was nice to be writing about Iso, a man-made dragon, during this particular year.

We’ll see what year of the Snake has to bring!


大展鴻圖  (Dàzhǎnhóngtú)  “May you realize your ambitions”


Heidi out.

Hero Artists

There’s a new tallent agency in town: Hero Artists. They’ve got a presence in Vancouver, and I’m looking into connecting with them re: sci-fi screenplay.

To be honest, I’m floundering around like some sort of aquatic animal out of its element; writing is what I do best, and this whole “trying to sell it” is just not my gig. …Hence my quest for an agent.

I wanted to share my log line with y’all. I’m not too sure about the second part, but it’s getting close to that brief hook I’ll need to get people interested.

When pets are engineered to order, of COURSE we would make a dragon. Only problem is, it’s intelligent, and it wants out.


Sorry the news hasn’t been terribly exciting lately; I’m sure once I can get some competent help to actually represent my prolific writing habit I will have lots more to say. Until then, more editing!

Cheers guys.
Heidi out.

Some pictures for yoooouuuuuu!

Well, it’s my six-year Cakeday on Reddit today.  In honor of the occasion, I put together Imgur albums of all my pics!

Have a browse, there’s some good stuff there.  Like these:

So if you want more… go here.

And for regular pics: here.

Some might not be safe for work (just weird/hard to explain to coworkers etc).


Heidi out.

Happy Holidays!

Just wanted to wish my wonderful readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Hope you’ve had a good one.



King Tides to Swallow Us Up

In my travels to and from Gibsons recently, I’ve noticed that the high tides have seemed awfully high.  Like, really high.  Turns out I wasn’t imagining it:

Found on r/Vancouver.

Original post.

Source here.

Wow, right?

And it turns out the next King Tide is on my birthday!

In other news, my Secret Santa received the gifts I sent them!  Seems they liked them.  🙂

On the writing front, I had a tremendous day; hid the midpoint of my screenplay adaptation and wrote for five hours straight!

Cheers all.

Heidi out.

Awesome! Now how do I work this thing…

Thanks to everyone who took my poll! I got a lot of responses. Now I’m trying to figure out how to make a pretty graph using the google docs data… I’ll get back to you when I’ve got it looking presentable. Cheers!

Adventures in Anemia

I suddenly understand the Boiling Frog Story.  The way you’ll sit in water as it heats to boiling, because you don’t notice and the change isn’t sudden enough…

So over the past few years I’ve been getting more and more lightheaded.  I noticed it more when I drank coffee and was dehydrated.  I’d stand and my vision would go black around the edges.  Lately I’ve been woozing, to the point where I grab the bathroom doorframe in the morning after getting up.  Big problem, right?

Turns out it isn’t, if it happens gradually enough.  Darn it brain, we’re supposed to be on the ball for shit like this.

But that’s just it; my brain hasn’t been working great either.  I’ve been sluggish.  Can’t focus, can’t concentrate.  Can’t think half the time.

I got some blood tests done (hurrah for finally having a family doctor!) and they called me in to discuss the results asap (cancer oh god it’s cancer, said my stupid brain).  Nope; anemia.

Iron levels are normally from 50-500.  Women start to feel tired at 30.

My iron is at 10.

I bought iron pills.  I’m taking 100-150mg of elemental iron a day, starting today.  I actually took a bit more than that to kick it off.

I have been an avid blood donor.  Turns out I kind of need that blood.  Hopefully I can get my iron up and be able to donate again, but in the mean time, popping iron twice a day, and vitamin C to help uptake.  At least it’s an easy fix.  And spinach, steak, edamame, and other iron rich foods will be eaten more.  Wait, who am I kidding, my diet is pretty iron rich already.  What the heck, body?

Well, we’ll see.

Glad to have that sorted out.

Sharing health things is a little iffy; I only wanted to because this crept up on me so gradually, and my brain was getting more sluggish and too stupid to realize there was a problem, that perhaps if I had read all the symptoms I’d had, I may have been able to put it together.

So I guess, iron: we need it.  Do you have enough?

Ho ho ho, a little iron humour.

And now I’m thinking about Iron Man again…

Isn’t that gorgeous?

Speaking of…

But enough of that.  The artist that did the above painting is Sam Spratt.  Eh kills aliens and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

New Domicile Acquired!

We signed our lease today!

We’re going to be in a nice 800 square foot one bedroom with hardwood floors.

It’s south-facing with a little balcony.

Echo and Simon can come too (as if we wouldn’t take them!).

Oh, and did I mention that it’s right across the street?

SOOOO GOOOOOD!  We are still near three skytrain stations, all the cheap food on the Drive, and Aaron’s work!

Holy smokes, we’re so excited.

We’re going to have a ‘moving day’ where we just get as many fabulous and wonderful people as we can to help us run boxes from one place to the other.  Early October.  The first few days in October, we will just go and sit in the space and start mapping out where we think things should go.  We have a few weeks for the transition, which we are really grateful for.  Don’t know how people move in a day!  :O

So, 1420 E 7th Ave, we will miss you.  You were a good home, a social hub, an overnight stay to many.  Scads of good memories were made here.  We will always be grateful to Aaron’s family for letting us stay here while Aaron went to school and I paid off my student loans.

And we shall start making new memories in our new home.  Hope you can join us.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.