King Tides to Swallow Us Up

In my travels to and from Gibsons recently, I’ve noticed that the high tides have seemed awfully high.  Like, really high.  Turns out I wasn’t imagining it:

Found on r/Vancouver.

Original post.

Source here.

Wow, right?

And it turns out the next King Tide is on my birthday!

In other news, my Secret Santa received the gifts I sent them!  Seems they liked them.  🙂

On the writing front, I had a tremendous day; hid the midpoint of my screenplay adaptation and wrote for five hours straight!

Cheers all.

Heidi out.

2 Replies to “King Tides to Swallow Us Up”

  1. The tides are extrememly high and low here in Mancora too Heidi. Right around solstice they are always much more extreme. When Aunty Kathleen and I walked the seawall in November we really noticed it there as well. Good thing, the tides are soooooo low here that the tidal pool swimming is fantastic! Anyhow, sending you some love Auntie Pam


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