A Labyrinth of Pear Trees

Last night, I had a culinary experience.  My brother-in-law and husband arranged a dinner for four as a birthday present for our bff (my bro’s beau, if you will), and I was the fourth.  We went to Pear Tree, an award winning gourmet restaurant.

We had five courses over two and a half hours, and it was spectacular.  I had something happen that’s never happened before.  When I had the bite of creme brûlée with the bit of pear with it, tears, actual tears, came to my eyes.  I love pear.  And this was a taste of heaven, elevated to the highest of heights.  It was wonderful, and to share it with three of my favourite people in the world, well, it was just incredible.

I’ve been checking in with my writing friends, and I was so pleased to see that one of them, a screenwriter, has obtained representation in LA.  Big time!  This is incredible.  The novelists equivalent would be scoring an agent in New York, which I hope to do soon.  It’s really nice seeing other writers have some success.

Meanwhile, I read my past works.  My first book has held up surprisingly well, even though I’ve evolved as a writer quite a bit since its completion.

And for some reason, this comic came to mind, and made me chuckle.  Oglaf, often NSFW, is hilarious, and this is my favourite one:  http://oglaf.com/labyrinth/

That’s all for now, folks.

Heidi out.

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