Hero Artists

There’s a new tallent agency in town: Hero Artists. They’ve got a presence in Vancouver, and I’m looking into connecting with them re: sci-fi screenplay.

To be honest, I’m floundering around like some sort of aquatic animal out of its element; writing is what I do best, and this whole “trying to sell it” is just not my gig. …Hence my quest for an agent.

I wanted to share my log line with y’all. I’m not too sure about the second part, but it’s getting close to that brief hook I’ll need to get people interested.

When pets are engineered to order, of COURSE we would make a dragon. Only problem is, it’s intelligent, and it wants out.


Sorry the news hasn’t been terribly exciting lately; I’m sure once I can get some competent help to actually represent my prolific writing habit I will have lots more to say. Until then, more editing!

Cheers guys.
Heidi out.

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