Eye Makeup from Gotham

So I’m loving Gotham, the new show about the origins of Batman and all the characters we know and love from that franchise.  I dig the cast and how they’re tackling the characters so far, particularly Ben McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon and Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (AKA the villain tied for first place on my list of “favourite birds in the superorder Aequornithes”- the Penguin!) It just got picked up for another season, hurrah!

And this week’s episode (watch for free legit style right here!) had me going gaga for the eye makeup.

Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) is one dangerous lady running a nightclub, and she has some killer eyes for sure. On this week’s episode, she was auditioning new talent, and it made me sit up and take notice of the luscious lids being crafted for the show.
I got some screenshots, but they are not the greatest quality… you get the idea though- someone in the makeup department is rockin’ it.

Let’s get a little closer shall we?

It’s just extremely eye catching. I have been having fun experimenting with more and more outrageous eye makeup lately, so it was nice to see something inspiring like this.

I found this tutorial if anyone’s interested.

Here’s some additional photos for a static look at how to get a similar effect. There’s a ton of tutorials here.

Link to full album!

So there we go. Pretty eyes with pretty makeup. I want to go to there.

…Though the way is perilous:

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

A Labyrinth of Pear Trees

Last night, I had a culinary experience.  My brother-in-law and husband arranged a dinner for four as a birthday present for our bff (my bro’s beau, if you will), and I was the fourth.  We went to Pear Tree, an award winning gourmet restaurant.

We had five courses over two and a half hours, and it was spectacular.  I had something happen that’s never happened before.  When I had the bite of creme brûlée with the bit of pear with it, tears, actual tears, came to my eyes.  I love pear.  And this was a taste of heaven, elevated to the highest of heights.  It was wonderful, and to share it with three of my favourite people in the world, well, it was just incredible.

I’ve been checking in with my writing friends, and I was so pleased to see that one of them, a screenwriter, has obtained representation in LA.  Big time!  This is incredible.  The novelists equivalent would be scoring an agent in New York, which I hope to do soon.  It’s really nice seeing other writers have some success.

Meanwhile, I read my past works.  My first book has held up surprisingly well, even though I’ve evolved as a writer quite a bit since its completion.

And for some reason, this comic came to mind, and made me chuckle.  Oglaf, often NSFW, is hilarious, and this is my favourite one:  http://oglaf.com/labyrinth/

That’s all for now, folks.

Heidi out.

The Nicholl Fellowship, Google Glass

I was really pleased to see sci-fi becoming a reality, as it tends to do.  In my latest novel and screenplay, I take Google Glass to limits, exploring such a devices purposes and practical uses.  Today they showed off the preliminary interface.  I’ll be interested to see, as the years tick on, if I got it right in my work.

Also, one of my test readers got back to me (with some very good feedback, useful edits, and much welcomed praise) about my screenplay.  He suggested I submit it to the Academy Awards Nicholl Fellowship.  Apparently they actually *pay* five writers for a year to write a screenplay!  This would be a dream.  Getting paid to write, and exposure for my work?  Maybe it would get “Luka and Iso” picked up for production.

If you’re interested, you can check out the Nicholl Fellowship here.

I am ensconced in the Quintaglio Ascension Trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer.  As ever, he strings me along at a good clip, with wonderful characters and a great hook.  Sentient dinosaurs advancing their culture from the bronze age onwards?  What’s not to love!  I can hardly put it down.

Also recently, my friend Brie and I have teamed up; she asked me to write something for a comic she was making, and I did.  I’m excited to see the inks next week.  Hopefully we can have further collaborations in the future; her art is mega, mega cool, and being on a writer-artist team with her would just kick so much butt.

That’s all for now, folks!  I’ll keep on tightening up my script, and let you know how the process goes with applying for the Nicholl Fellowship.

…And if you know of anyone looking for a sci-fi screenplay/novel combo about the first genetically engineered dragon, would you point me in their direction?


Heidi out.