Eye Makeup from Gotham

So I’m loving Gotham, the new show about the origins of Batman and all the characters we know and love from that franchise.  I dig the cast and how they’re tackling the characters so far, particularly Ben McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon and Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (AKA the villain tied for first place on my list of “favourite birds in the superorder Aequornithes”- the Penguin!) It just got picked up for another season, hurrah!

And this week’s episode (watch for free legit style right here!) had me going gaga for the eye makeup.

Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) is one dangerous lady running a nightclub, and she has some killer eyes for sure. On this week’s episode, she was auditioning new talent, and it made me sit up and take notice of the luscious lids being crafted for the show.
I got some screenshots, but they are not the greatest quality… you get the idea though- someone in the makeup department is rockin’ it.

Let’s get a little closer shall we?

It’s just extremely eye catching. I have been having fun experimenting with more and more outrageous eye makeup lately, so it was nice to see something inspiring like this.

I found this tutorial if anyone’s interested.

Here’s some additional photos for a static look at how to get a similar effect. There’s a ton of tutorials here.

Link to full album!

So there we go. Pretty eyes with pretty makeup. I want to go to there.

…Though the way is perilous:

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

I Have An Agent

I am extremely pleased to announce that I have signed on with Beth Campbell over at BookEnds.  She will be representing my novel Sleep Over.

It has finally happened.  I have an agent.

I have been waiting to say those words for a long, long time.

Beth has just switched over to helming the representation of scifi and fantasy over at BookEnds.  She wants an author who isn’t just a flash in the pan.  She loves my manuscript, and my head is still swilling from all the gorgeous things she is saying about my writing.

And the writer’s head grew three sizes that day hahaha.

I won’t be able to share too much about the process of finding a publisher as it’s happening (super secret stuff), but you can bet your butt you’ll hear it loud and clear when I have signed with a publisher for Sleep Over.  My only hope is that it takes a bit of time, as that’s a good sign that more than one really, really wants it.

Meanwhile, I will keep on posting for you, my dear, dear readers.  I am so glad you could be here with me when I was finally able to give this good news!  Your support has meant so much to me over the years as I continue on this wonderful journey to authordom.

I will continue to share a great many and varied things with you. Including, if you’re interested in the details, How I Got a Literary Agent.

In addition to my fantastic announcement, here are some more things just! for! yooou!!!

Episode 7 AND episode 8 of my Oddcast, Forgotten, are up! Episode 8 took the longest of all of them and had so many outtakes.  I’m really pushing the form to the limit, and “the voices” really had a tough time of getting this one to work.  It’s getting better as it goes along, and I’m really happy with where it’s heading!

We’ve also got more videos from my husband’s Wild Gears Creations channel.  Are you ready to see something wild? This one is crazy!

And are you ready for parallel lines?


Something else fun: the tale of my Message in a Bottle which was answered by The X-Files (4 images in album- clicky).

Also, here’s a little comic I made about how I make coffee.

That’s all for now, dear readers.

I think we’ve entered into a new and exciting phase of my career here. I am one step closer to having a major work published, and hopefully soon I can share that with you too.


Heidi out.

Time to type every word I know: Coffee, Writing, Iron Man, Duck

As you may know, I enjoy participating in the various gift exchanges through Reddit Gifts.  It’s like doing a secret santa, only with thousands of other people, and for specific categories of things.

I was so pleased to open my Coffee Exchange parcel yesterday!  My package came from Macedonia– and contained Turkish coffee!  I tried making a cup this morning, and it was delicious (Without cream?!  Amazing.).  Very flavourful, and unusual.

In writing news, my short story “The First Gentlemen’s Galactic Scavenger Hunt” has been shortlisted for the World Weaver Press anthology, “Far Orbit- Speculative Space Adventures”.  I’d be super happy to see this one in print; I feel like it’s actually a project I’d like to expound upon a bit.  A scavenger hunt in space: what’s not to love?

I have also entered my screenplay in a contest to win tickets to PitchFest, where I would get a chance to hook a studio.  That would be totally mathematical.

Currently, I’m continuing a read-through of my Spell Carriers series, and I’m into the second book.  The first book took me three days, though it would have taken less if I weren’t making edits here and there.  It was a pretty easy read.  Trook Hunters starts off more complex, having had book one to set it up.

Anyway!  Enough ramblings.  What’s important here is seeing how they did the Arc Reactor makeup for Iron Man.

Painting on the latex.

A lot of latex.

A good sport.

Different colours for the different layers.

Airbrushed to make it look real!

They can peel the latex back and make it look like skin.

Final effect: amazing.

And, seeing as I have duck brining in the fridge, this:


Well, I’ll keep you posted.  I hope one of these days to have some truly excellent news for you.  For now, I’ll keep at it.  I know that one day all this work I’m doing will pay off.  I hope it’s soon, but I’m in it for the long haul.  🙂

Cheers guys.

Heidi out.

PS: Leaked Jurassic Park 4 logo!

Some pictures for yoooouuuuuu!

Well, it’s my six-year Cakeday on Reddit today.  In honor of the occasion, I put together Imgur albums of all my pics!

Have a browse, there’s some good stuff there.  Like these:

So if you want more… go here.

And for regular pics: here.

Some might not be safe for work (just weird/hard to explain to coworkers etc).


Heidi out.

Pals of the Pen Variety

I got myself some pen pals!  So far I’ve written two letters (hand written) on the topics of the destruction of mankind, and the colonization of space.  I’m expecting the first letters from two others, for a total of four pen pals!  I’m excited.

Well, the hunt for an agent is… happening.  I want to say going well, in that I’ve found several agents who I feel would really dig my book, AND who I’d like to work with.  So yes, in that regard, it’s going well.  As ever, the rejection letters are trickling in.  I had my fastest one ever today; 24 minutes!  It seems fast, but then, if it’s not right for someone, I’d rather know sooner rather than later.  🙂

I’ve been trying to get to know the agents I’m submitting to a little more before I contact them.  For some, it’s a bit hard if they don’t have a big internet presence.  They best ones so far have been agents with blogs, and that have done interviews.  My favourite has been Eddie Schneider, who did this fantasic AMA on Reddit a while ago.  That was really great to read, not just to get to know more about him as an agent!

Also happening on Reddit right now, is an AMA by author Michael J. Sullivan.  I have great respect for him; everywhere he shows up in r/writing he imparts so much wisdom, so many useful tidbits.  He answered a lengthy question of mine today! Thanks Michael.

On the non-writing front, The Walking Dead.  Is.  Fantastic.  I haven’t cried that hard during a TV show in quite a while; this last episode, “Killer Within” had me bawling my eyes out.  MAN.  What excellent acting.

I participated in the Reddit Halloween exchange.  My gifter sent me this:

Fun!  I sent my match some interesting candy, including White Rabbits, a Double Decker bar, and a few other yummies.  Oh, and a big fake spider.  >:)


This years Reddit Secret Santa is live!  Sure to be a record breaker.

…You know what else is delicious?  Pizza.  I’m making a meat lovers tonight, from scratch.  Using sausage I made myself.  I’m excited.  And then tomorrow, a Hawaiian.  Then the next day, Veggie Mediterranean.  Gosh, pizza is awesome.

Pics to follow.  🙂

Cheers guys.  Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

Watch. Dogs.

Allow me to digress from the topic of writing, if you will, and share with you some amazing gameplay footage.

…this is me, and probably all of r/gaming right now.

Because of this:

Oh.  My.  Glob.  Right?

The setting (Montreal?!), the little details (trash blowing in the wind?!), the swagger of the main character (last time I played a character with that distinct of a walk, I found myself waiting for busses with my hip cocked out, waiting to tip my hat at passing cowboys).

My biggest excitement, though, is caused by, what looks like, much more realistic NPCs.  It’ll be a huge step up for immersion when games can get NPCs right, and this game looks like it’s taken a pretty good stab at it.   A woman running back to her friends to solidify plans?  That guy trying to save his wife in the car crash?  People doing anything other than standing around: huge step up for realism.

And on top of all this, the concept of Watch Dogs is HUGE.  Being able to connect with all the electronic devices around you, gather information, control things- this could be good.

I’m always hesitant to get excited for a game, but this one… this one had me at hello.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

The Exciting World of Home-Brewing!

Aaron and I and his co-worker Chris have been brewing!  Chris makes various neato beers, and Aaron and I are jumping on the opportunity to have someone help us along as we get into a new and exciting hobby.  A tasty, tasty hobby.

Our first batch of Pear Mead came out rather well!

We have bottles on reserve to be opened in 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 years.

And we’ve got a couple of smaller experiments happening; a root beer, and a test for a larger Apple Cizer.  Both are bubbling away nicely.

Today I go get a large primary fermenter bucket for large projects.

And perhaps also today, I want to start a test for a pumpkin wine.

In other news, I’ve been emailing the various productions that are starting filming in the next few weeks around Vancouver.

I got my Traffic Control Person certification, and I hear PAs with a flagger’s ticket are pretty useful.

In still other news, I was on the front page of Reddit last week for my Minecraft project, a Hardcore Superflat world.

Thread (with link to album) here.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

What I Did on Blackout Day: A Pocket Full of Links

I’m sure Reddit will be inundated with posts about the blackout.

F7U12 will be full of blackout related comics.

Pics will be full of blanket forts and other things made out of boredom to fill the gap that is usually so well filled by Reddit.

(And Amy: I wrote this before you told the world that you made a blanket fort during the blackout- how awesome is that?)

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just means that, for some people, the one day blackout is actually more like a two day blackout (one actual blackout day, then one day of blackout posts).

This post is not about what I did on blackout day.

Well ok, it’s actually exactly that.

But hey, want to see what I did on blackout day?  Because I was sick and it was still a good day.  This post is full of delicious links to videos, pictures, and various other media.  It’s a journey.  If you want something to do, check out all this cool stuff.

I woke up sick.  It was snowing.  My man went to work.  I bundled up in many layers and planted myself in front of my laptop at my kitchen table.  Ugh, sick.  Cancelled plans to go see a movie I’ve been looking forward to.

Relatedly, I’ve been trying to coin a term to describe having a crush on someone without knowing what they look like.  But not a lusty crush.  Well ok, lusty, but not lusting after their bodies- like, like lusting after their delicious, sexy brains. Cronenberg (see above).  Fincher. Cuarón. I have crushes on a ton of brilliant people, but it’s like a brain-crush, where I love their brain and how it works and everything they make.

Brain-crush?  Hmm, needs more work.  Maybe when I’m not sick it will come to me.

What better way to feel better than to let the pleasing antics of Simon and Lewis lull me into satisfying state of amusement?  Their Minecraft golf episode did the trick while I made coffee in my new Aeropress.

Then, I decided to do my part and learn more about SOPA/PIPA.

I made a FB post about it to try and get others to learn more too: “Stop SOPA/PIPA! I hope the Blackout today will get people to call and write their congresspeople to prevent this terrible, terrible bill from going forward. Would you like to know more? http://vimeo.com/31100268

Then I was amused at myself for my Starship Troopers reference and decided to see what came up on YouTube when I searched for “Would you like to know more?”

Consequently, I learned more about Belgium.)  Amusing.

Then I put on slippers.  My apartment is cold.  Went and found my cat (see previous picture) actually no, see THIS) picture.  Echo tells the best jokes.

I decided that it was actually a good idea to make something to eat.  Something warm and mushy and tasty.  Steel cut oats.)

My mother in law phoned and offered to bring over her plug in heater.  I readily agreed.

I tried to find a gif of this hilarious dancing Russian, and was instead amused at Google’s ‘did you mean’ racism…

But it led me to this), which is just about the most awesome thing I could have found.

My oats were finally ready, and they were delicious.  Extra butter.  Cream, vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar.  Yes.  Yes, good.  I ate them while looking at gifs.

From there things were just starting to get silly.

So I opened my new Minecraft world (“Flatopia”) and proceeded to try and make a safe area to grow crops in.  Damn slimes.  SLIMES EVERYWHERE.

Aaaan, that’s it!  Once I got into Minecraft the day was Minecraft from here to eternity.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the links.  It was fun making this.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.