Day to Day

I started keeping a day log, just writing down what I did and what happened to me each day. It’s interesting; I seem to forget what happens if I don’t write it down. This way, it helps sort things out, and makes it easier to remember all the good times I’m having.

It’s a physical book, with a page for each day (with a date and everything, so it’s official!).

Notables of today are: D&D all afternoon, a HUGE moon, and a *new* mattress. I am looking so, so forward to sleep tonight. Here’s hoping it’s awesome!

But for now, more of the Felix Castor series, which I am thoroughly enjoying.


About H.G. Bells

H.G. Bells writes around the intersections of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror. She has several short stories in print, and is repped by Beth Campbell for her novel Sleep Over, coming soon from Skyhorse Publishing.
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