Lately I’ve been grappling with how I get my watchable entertainment.

All the video rental stores near me have closed.

HMV downtown, where I used to buy my DVDs and BluRays, has closed.

iTunes is frustrating sometimes- there’s content I want on it, but it might not be on the Canadian store.

I have a Netflix account, but the content is pretty limited (it’s great for when you feel like watching something non-specific, but as soon as I start naming movies I’d like to watch, I’m disappointed every time).

I will now attempt an experiment.

I want to keep watching The Walking Dead.  I don’t have AMC or cable of any kind.  My criteria:  I want to watch this show that they make, and I want to give them money to do so.  I want to watch it within a day of it airing on TV.

I will document my results here, starting with last nights episode.

Attempt number one: go directly to the source.  AMC’s website for The Walking Dead.  (  Result: “shop” seemed like my best bet, as none of the menues seemed to have season three episodes.  The “shop” is for apparel, DVDs of past seasons, and other things I’m not looking for.  *sigh*

So it’s not available from them, from their own website.

Attempt number 2: Shaw, who plays this show apparently.  (  Result: the episode I want appears to be free; attempted to access it, got put through some loops to register, but halted when it became apparent I had to be a Shaw cable subscriber.  *sigh*

So it’s not available on their distributer’s website.

Attempt number 3: iTunes.  Found it!  Purchased it for $3.49.  Success!  Cool beans.  I was tempted to get a seasons pass; I’ll do the math later.  Good job iTunes.

I’ll keep updates on other shows or movies as I try my best to get people to SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY.

Update: seriously iTunes?

Your competition is THIS fast:


And that’s downloading the torrent while iTunes is downloading too; usually torrenting is much faster.  :/

(I deleted the torrent after I took that screen shot- I just wanted to get the comparison.  Still have 6 minutes to wait on iTunes.)

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