Moving Time!

Well folks, that time has finally come!

After seven great years in the apartment near Commercial and Broadway, we are moving house.  We’re looking for a place for October 1st, but have until mid October to actually move.

We hope to find a place nearby; Aaron’s work is only two blocks away, afterall, and shopping here is so cheap!  Also, our gym is seven blocks away!  Makes going to it way easy.

So, apartment, we shall miss thee; you were a good place to live, home to many a good time and many a wonderful gathering.  Lots of good memories here.  We will make our new place just as awesome, if not AWESOMER (I know, almost impossible, right?)!

We will have a moving party some time near October 1st; maybe some of our fabulous friends could come and help us out?  We’re going to have access to my Mom’s van (which my sisters and I call the Elijahwoodmobile, though our Mom claim’s its name is Beautiful Blue).  My Mom is also generously giving us various furnitures and some dishes, which is great, because we actually don’t have everything we need; the apartment came almost fully furnished, and we intend to leave it as we found it.

It’s also a great opportunity to clean up and get rid of approximately 7 years worth of cruft that’s built up.  We intend to get rid of things mercilessly, so our new place just has things we use and can’t part with in it.

It’s going to be a busy month.  We’re beginning to look for places.

Wish us luck.

Also, briefly in literary news, Aaron and I are attending a taping of the CBC Book Club, hosted by the fantastic William Gibson.  His guest is Sarah Salway, and I look forward to hearing about her writing life!

Also, in other, sadder news, I was very sorry to hear about Jack Layton passing away yesterday.  He’ll be sorely missed.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

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