Victory Hot Chocolate: The Melting of Kings

So I made those marshmallows, and they turned out great!

Making Marshmallows.

Cut them into cubes with scissors.

Melting into the hot chocolate…

One for Aaron too. ¬†ūüôā



A great way to end the week. ¬†It was brain intensive; I didn’t anticipate that big of an edit before my Nicholl Fellowship deadline, but, well, the script is way better for it.

And now, I’m off to Bon’s to meet a friend for breakfast, and then another friend I are are continuing down the ‘tiny-food-making’ path, and decorating *tiny* cakes. ¬†Of course, pics to follow.

If you’re looking for a short story to read, I suggest “All Quiet on the Temporal Front” by Bennett R. Coles. ¬†His Sci-Fi fu is fantastic. ¬†Now that I’m not in the thick of editing, I’m going back to read his “Virtues of War“, which is incredible so far.

Cheers guys.

Heidi out.

Deadline in mere hours? Time to learn how to make marshmallows!

But seriously, the script is almost completely done. ¬†I just have a few things to check, using the intertubes. ¬†I’ve spent three days reading it over and making final adjustments, minor tweaks, and even a few major ones. ¬†I’ve shaved pages off of it to try and get it down to a more acceptable length (145 pages currently).

So, in a few hours, I will be submitting it to The Academy. ¬†I will hear back from them in October, I think. ¬†In the mean time, I’ll be shopping it around. ¬†And writing, always writing! ¬†I’ll keep you guys posted. ¬†In a few days I’ll have another story in print.

But yeah, I’m totally making marshmallows. ¬†They’re setting in a pan right now. ¬†And then I will have the most glorious Victory Hot Chocolate you’ve ever seen. ¬†ūüôā

{Behold, my standard hot chocolate}

Later crocodiles.

Heidi out.

Nicholl Fellowship Deadline Looms! …and food is delicious.

I am going to be doing the last of the final edit tomorrow, then sending in the screenplay adaptation to the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship. ¬†(See my previous post here!) ¬†I’m way excited!

My husband and I have been going to the gym every other day. ¬†Some health problems have rendered me pretty inactive for several months, but they have largely been controlled. ¬†…hurry up, orthodics, I apparently DO need you to walk now :< ¬†Feels better to be getting fitter again. ¬†Rowing machine to strengthen up my back. ¬†Elliptical¬†to burn calories. ¬†…so I can eat delicious things.

I do love food. ¬†I have a rather unhealthy relationship with it, but I’m working on that too. ¬†Counting calories is great; I still eat whatever I want, just, less. ¬†ūüôā ¬†PS MELONA BARS ARE AMAZING

OK!  So I wanted to share some pictures.  Pictures of food.  Oh wait, am I one of *those*? Hah, apparently yes, yes I am.  But the crux of it is that I cook for my friends a lot, and I love it, and sometimes I take pictures!

So here are some. ¬†ūüôā


Pomello Seeds look like Teeth!

Mediterranean Pizza is Great

And so is Hawaiian with Mushrooms!

I do not think this pizza is big enough…

Because anything less than a four-layer cake would have been… illogical.

Let’s BEE friends!

Heh. ¬†Thanks for letting me share. ¬†That’s all for now with the random food.

Up next, much more specific food! ¬† …Including, tiny,¬†miniature,¬†candy sushi.


Heidi out.

The Breakfast of Champions

Well, my meat lovers pizza was a success. ¬†It was… delicious.

Bacon, ham, and homemade sausage.  Caramelized onions.  Mushrooms.  It was great.

And did I mention cheese?  A bed of mozzarella with a topping of old cheddar?  Yeah.

The Breakfast of Champions.

Last night was Mediterranean, tonight is Hawaiian.

But first, rewriting a terrifying short story to tighten it up for submission to Dark Light 2.

Cheers guys.

Heidi out.