A good week!

It feels really good to be deep into working on Sleep Over again. It also feels good to have a timeline nailed down. I didn’t put events in order because I wanted the narrative to mirror the confusion of the insomnia apocalypse, where time gets distorted and it’s really hard to tell when things happened or how long anything has been happening. Now that I’ve done it both ways (no timeline and now a solid timeline for revisions) I think I can have the best of both worlds.

I still don’t want my readers to know how long anything in the book takes, or even how long the insomnia lasts; I want it to truly feel like time has no meaning, and confusion casts doubt on any times given.

But now at least my publisher will have a better idea of the timeline, and they can better ask me for specific things they’d like to hear more of for the next round of revisions.


Here’s some pictures for stopping by. In case you don’t know, if there’s a large version I will make them clickable! My site can only handle images so big. Cheers!

London police officer proposes during Pride:

And a video of some Irish fans serenading a baby on the tube.

When Killing Everyone, Remember to Stay Happy

Please excuse this poor excuse for a post.  Not all of writing is pretty happy shiny.

So, the book I’m writing involves a series of increasingly grim tales of an apocalypse that nearly wipes out humanity.  Things are getting depressing.  I usually have troubles when I’m in the thick of writing something hard, like character deaths.

And every single chapter is a character death.  Oh no, not just one… dozens.  Hundreds.  Cumulatively, ultimately, billions.  :/  I’m killing the world here.  And it’s taking it out of me.  I am actually getting sick because of it, or maybe it’s just compounding an already terrible feeling.  That’s probably it.  When I get sick I feel terrible; I’m experiencing a perfect storm of feeling like poop.

All-day headache, awesome.  Crushing feeling of depression (I am not depressed, that is not a phrase to brandy about lightly).  Sore throat.  The blehgs.  Usually it lasts a day.  Today was day three, and the headache was new.

I’d forgotten about this aspect of writing.  My last novel didn’t have any death in it.  It was rather upbeat.  I loved writing it.

This is the first major work I’ve written where I can’t wait to be done.  I am actually looking forward to the process of finding an agent or publisher for it (the part I usually dread).  Normally, the writing is a joy.  This is some strange monster of joy and sorrow and anguish.  My best yet.  I can’t wait for it to be over.

Because I know I’ll be able to sell it.

I just have to get the damn thing written first.

Last week I set out to do a segment that ended on an upnote, a ray of sunshine in a dark, dark world.  However, it made more sense for the narrative to take such a devastating turn that it worked out brilliantly, but has left me exhausted.

I won’t harp on about it.  I guess, if you’re going to be writing something dark, prepare yourself.  I should have know this would happen.  It’s happened before.  …Not like this though.  I’ll get through it, and I think the work will be better for it.

Such death, so apocalypse.  Wow.  Many depress.  Wow.

A remedy: this video (NSFW, in that, it’s hilarious, but you might not want your boss seeing this over your shoulder).

Chin up.  Stiff upper lip.  All that wot wot.

Heidi out.

Times When / Snowpocalypse

Times when I exclaim “What is this, the dark ages‽”
☐ When at a Renaissance Fair
☐ When India suspends its Polio vaccination program
☐ When the whole of Russia is in chaos over apocalypse fears
☑ When I am on a slow computer

Snowed a bunch here in Vancouver today.  I am continually amazed at how horribly the city handles it.  Traffic is a mess.  Whole intersections, like Cambie and Broadway today, turn into lakes.  Power was out to 50k people.  And the icing on the cake… our brand new bridge, the new Port Mann (2.46 billion dollar project), had to be shut down after it started raining down ice bombs on cars below, injuring 2, and causing 60 ICBC claims.

Thankfully I had the luxury of being inside for the day; I spent the morning at the cafe, leaving at 12:30 with a huge wordcount under my belt.  It’s going swimmingly.

Then I spent the afternoon doing Christmas present related things…  >:D  I love getting presents together.

Anyone playing Dragonvale (yes yes, I play Dragonvale) is likely just as excited as I am that currently *every dragon can be bought or bred*.  I can hardly decide which ones to try for first JK IT’S TOTALLY THE LEAP YEAR DRAGON GUYS.

Pictures today: what it looks like in an Amazon warehouse.

Hope everyone has a safe snowy time.  Stay warm and cozy, find something you love and get happy.

Heidi out.

Good news everyone!

I’ve had my third acceptance!

Well, my piece was accepted in March, but they were dealing with volume 1.  The contract finally was sent out, and I signed it.  I wanted to wait until it was ‘official’ before announcing it.  Good things come to those who wait!

I’ve been really bolstered by this one.

One piece published is a fluke.

Two could be a horrible mistake.

Three is the start of a beautiful friendship.  Three is pattern.  Three is what starts a career.  Man oh man am I ever happy to be telling you guys about my third publication.

My short story “Monday Matinee Madness” is about a Projectionist surviving in the zombie apocalypse, running films every Monday.  It will appear in Zombies Gone Wild vol.2, edited by Michael S. Gardner and Matt Nord.  It’s sure to be an eclectic mix of tales of the zombie apocalypse.  I will make sure you hear about the release date!

Thanks for checking in ever so often.  I hope to share more great news, like this, with you more and more frequently.

But for now, I’m 34,000 word into the book, and it’s coming along nicely.  Solved some problems I was having about conflict and the antagonist.  My next post will be all about PAX, which I was at over the weekend.  It was way. cool.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.