Zombies Galore, Oddly Satisfying, and Episode 5 of Forgotten

Well dear readers, today I have much to share with you!

Zombies Galore is live, and my piece “Monday Matinee Madness” opens and sets the tone for the collection.  You can actually read my contribution in its entirety for free!  Just “Look Inside”, and because mine is the opening story, you can check it out, which I’m quite pleased about.  🙂

Now onto the latest from my Mathematical Husband, who is persisting on creating these mesmerizing and oddly satisfying pieces of art with his laser cut Wild Gears.  This video shows him using a gear-in-a-gear-*in-a-gear*.  Pretty impressive.

And now for another thing you can check out.  Forgotten is my strange little audo project which I’m going to keep calling an Oddcast.  I’ve just put up episode 5 for you, and it’s called “Choices”.  We’re getting better at this.

I’ll leave it at that.  Thanks for stopping by.

Heidi out.

Good News Everyone! Zombies Galore- Featuring “Monday Matinee Madness” by Yours Truly!

Hello wonderful readers!

It has been a lovely summer.  Still waiting on queries to trickle back to me.  I sent out a few snail mail queries to some really stellar agents.  I imagine the volume of queries an agent receives is far less if they ONLY accept snail mail queries.  Maybe I will be one of dozens instead of one of hundreds!


I have a story appearing in a zombie anthology- Zombies Galore will feature my story, “Monday Matinee Madness” as well as many others which are sure to add up to one horrific anthology of the undead!

The cover art, by Stephen Cooney.

It is edited by T.M. McLean, and some of the other stories to look forward to are:

There are some others as well!  I am so glad that this anthology finally is going to print- it’s been quite a process.  A big thanks to Theresa Derwin for getting it back off the ground!

In other news, that audio-project I mentioned earlier is starting to take shape.  Several episodes are recorded, and now I’m working on mixing them.  Soon my pretties, soon.  I can’t wait to share them with you (you’ll see them here first of course, my dear, dear readers).

As always, thanks for reading.

Heidi out.