Writing and Selling Your Writing: Having your cake, and eating it but then it goes down the wrong tube and you cough and choke and embarrass yourself horribly.

That awkward moment when you realize you really, really need to get your writing career off the ground, before some other career takes over your life so you can make money and live.  (BC Film Set Orientation certification completed over the weekend.)


That equally awkward moment when you realize the novel you’ve been trying to get agents interested in all these years is **young adult** fiction.  Holy living figs, why is it so hard for me to sell my writing?  I feel like a babbling idiot when trying to describe it enough to get an agent to want to actually read the whole thing.


But then, that amazing moment, when, before bed, you pick up your first book, flip to the last few chapters, and can’t put it down until you’ve finished.  I did a good job.  Even after these years, it still holds up.  That was pretty sweet.  So I flipped to the middle and kept reading.

I’m going to flip back, earlier and earlier, until I find out why my beginning is ass.

The first few pages need work, I’ve always known that.  If I could just get them together, enough so that it draws people in, then they’ll be hooked.

Back to reading.  I’m extremely happy to say that I’m enjoying it.