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Mango Nightmares!

OK so I don’t know if I’m alone in this.  Maybe I am, or maybe somewhere out there in my readership is another person who also gets Mango Nightmares.  How do you tell if you have Mango Nightmares?  It is … Continue reading

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Warning: Ceasing Production of Short Stories Will Result in Vivid Nightmares

I haven’t had this many vivid dreams for quite some time. I’m wondering if it isn’t a byproduct of ceasing to write short stories, after a year of fervent crafting. When I finished my first book, I found that I … Continue reading

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So I was shot in the back with an arrow last night…

So I was shot in the middle of my back with an arrow last night… Movies don’t effect my dreams, not at all…  Agent Barton, I didn’t even have the pleasure of seeing you- that is, if it was you … Continue reading

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Pleased but also terrified

That moment when you wake up from a nightmare you were having and realize you were dreaming about something you wrote- oh gosh. I was hunting a Trook, the Big Bad from my two-books-completed young adult fantasy series.  Holy smokes … Continue reading

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