Heidi’s Mystical Grab Bag Extravaganza!

Just for the sake of sharing.  Like a hug, but with internet things.  For fun.  🙂

Check out the footage in this food ad… don’t watch it if you’re hungry, because you will want to eat the world.

I don’t like Jazz.  At least, I don’t like Jazz *yet*.  I’m working on it.  I think I found the subgenre I want to explore- this is the smothest thing I’ve ever heard.  Whatever it is, I will find more, and I will melt into a puddle of saxophone and noir detectives.

Maybe play it and keep scrolling.

And now, images.

Rare mutation causing the “King Cheetah”:

Me after too much coffee (husband putting up with me):

How I feel when I’m querying agents:

Check out this trilobite!

The study hall at the National Library of China:

Check out this amazing mural in Montreal:

This is an orangutan hand:

Simosuchus: what a cute dinosaur, eh?

How the sawfish catches its prey:

And lastly, hum, let’s see… Ah yes, of course. This.

Thanks for stopping by!

Heidi out.

Word Clouds: Silly and Enlightening

I enjoy playing with word clouds.

I made one for a recent short story, “The Darker Paths”:

Word clouds are fun.

But did I really use “Max” and “Brian” *that* much?  Gosh.  Something to keep in mind when I’m crafting.

My next project, “Blood Drop Sonata”, is for a horror anthology featuring classical music.  I’m having good fun with it.  I’m starting to mesh monsters with wild abandon; werewolf poltergeists are a thing, right?  Well, now they are.

And just so I’m clear,