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Mango Nightmares!

OK so I don’t know if I’m alone in this.  Maybe I am, or maybe somewhere out there in my readership is another person who also gets Mango Nightmares.  How do you tell if you have Mango Nightmares?  It is … Continue reading

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Warning: Ceasing Production of Short Stories Will Result in Vivid Nightmares

I haven’t had this many vivid dreams for quite some time. I’m wondering if it isn’t a byproduct of ceasing to write short stories, after a year of fervent crafting. When I finished my first book, I found that I … Continue reading

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So I was shot in the back with an arrow last night…

So I was shot in the middle of my back with an arrow last night… Movies don’t effect my dreams, not at all…  Agent Barton, I didn’t even have the pleasure of seeing you- that is, if it was you … Continue reading

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Pleased but also terrified

That moment when you wake up from a nightmare you were having and realize you were dreaming about something you wrote- oh gosh. I was hunting a Trook, the Big Bad from my two-books-completed young adult fantasy series.  Holy smokes … Continue reading

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Important Question Upon Waking

I awoke this morning wondering if there were giraffes that were unusually taller than other giraffes. Sure brain, this is an important thing to try and figure out as you’re waking up. I kept a dream journal for a year … Continue reading

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