Eye Makeup from Gotham

So I’m loving Gotham, the new show about the origins of Batman and all the characters we know and love from that franchise.  I dig the cast and how they’re tackling the characters so far, particularly Ben McKenzie as Detective Jim Gordon and Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot (AKA the villain tied for first place on my list of “favourite birds in the superorder Aequornithes”- the Penguin!) It just got picked up for another season, hurrah!

And this week’s episode (watch for free legit style right here!) had me going gaga for the eye makeup.

Fish Mooney (Jada Pinkett Smith) is one dangerous lady running a nightclub, and she has some killer eyes for sure. On this week’s episode, she was auditioning new talent, and it made me sit up and take notice of the luscious lids being crafted for the show.
I got some screenshots, but they are not the greatest quality… you get the idea though- someone in the makeup department is rockin’ it.

Let’s get a little closer shall we?

It’s just extremely eye catching. I have been having fun experimenting with more and more outrageous eye makeup lately, so it was nice to see something inspiring like this.

I found this tutorial if anyone’s interested.

Here’s some additional photos for a static look at how to get a similar effect. There’s a ton of tutorials here.

Link to full album!

So there we go. Pretty eyes with pretty makeup. I want to go to there.

…Though the way is perilous:

That’s all for now, thanks for reading.

Heidi out.

Excited for a beautiful anthology called “Fish”

Dagan is putting together a lovely looking anthology called “Fish”.

“Show us something beautiful,” they say.  Well, I loved my 7-7-7 flash-fiction format (which landed me in “Once Bitten, Never Die”) so much that I did a fish piece in that style for them.

There are seven species of Pacific Salmon, and each gets seven lines of seven words in my latest work, Seven Salmon.

I hope they like it.

Either way, this anthology seems like it will be a wonderful read!

Dagan Books’ announcement; submissions close on August 31!
I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading.

Heidi out.