1/7th of the way through!

Not much to report, other than the writing is going extremely well.

Been writing at the cafe a lot.  Cracked the 15k wordcount mark the other day.  I’m a little unsure of the specifics of how to proceed, so I took a few days break.

Went on a road trip to Kelowna with my best friends.  We had a blast.  Played lots of games.  Had several excellent conversations about the themes in my book, which helped get my writing gears in order.  I’ll head to the cafe on Thursday morning and get going again.  So much to write!

I’m about 1/7th of the way done (book 1, anyhow).  🙂

My friends are awesome.

Novel R&D: Fun fun fun.

I’m really getting into the research and development of my latest novel.  Currently I’m trying to get myself up to speed with genetic engineering, at least to the level of understanding where I can write about it and not be all hand-wavy and pseudo-sciencey.

On the docket are the following TED Talks:

Paul Root Wolpe: It’s time to question bio-engineering

Jack Horner: Building a Dinosaur from a Chicken

And Gregory Stock: to Upgrade is Human

Also on the docket are any movies about genetic engineering and the societal consequences of designing life.  And general sci-fi set in the not-too-distant future.

  • Gattaca
  • Blade Runner (my ‘nemesis’ film: watched it four times, but never finished it!)

I’ve seen Splice, In Time, and Rise of the Planet of the Apes recently, and they’re good fodder for this project.  I know Jurassic Park off by heart, so that’s always in the background (Dr. Malcolm’s monologue chastising John Hammond’s reckless and yet awe inspiring stab at creating new life is cemented in my mind for all time).

It’s a difficult thing to try and conceive of how the world will look in the future; I’m gaining a greater appreciation for some of my favourite sci-fi authors who seem to effortlessly transplant me into their vision of the future.  For now I realize that, while it feels effortless to the reader, to the author, it is anything but.

Anything you’d care to recommend, I’d love to have more movies to watch that will get my gears turning!