Hello and welcome!

Since I started cooking for groups at the Wangapeka, I have had a ton of people ask for my recipes.  So, here’s a collection of things I love to make!

Cheers and Happy Cooking.  -HG


Breads: White Bread, Rye Bread, Foccaccia Bread, Gluten Free Buns

Zerts: Gluten-Free Coconut Buns, Coconut Scrolls

Cheesy Quinoa Broccoli Bake  

Smokey BBQ Pit Beans  

Mushroom Stew  

Curries:  Big City Curry, Mango Curry,  Dahl  

Thai Green-Curry Coconut Quinoa Casserole

Spiced Roasted Pumpkin  

Slow Cooked Steel-Cut Oats

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