Sleep Over Insomnia Livestream

Well it’s finally here!
Sleep Over is released, and I couldn’t be happier.
So, what better way to celebrate a novel about an insomnia apocalypse than by staying awake as long as possible?

To everyone who has expressed their concerns for me (thank you, you’re lovely): I did write an entire book on why not sleeping is super bad for you, and what happens to you if you don’t sleep.  I know what I’m in for.

I have done this once before, for some method writing.

The chapter I wrote during that sleepless madness made it into the final draft of the book- pages 129 & 130 are (almost) me, completely out of my mind with insomnia, a writer losing her vocabulary and struggling to maintain a grip on reality as her mind slips.

Here’s my plan:

I am streaming on Twitch, and breaking the stream up into chunks (12 hour chunks maybe? Whenever it makes sense to break them up).  I’ll be staying awake as long as possible.

The record is 11 days.  My record is 4.  I’m hoping for a week, but we’ll see.

How many days worth of food do you have at home?  If you couldn’t leave, how well off would you be?

I’m in my own little sanctuary here in New Zealand, with a bunch of food, games, and things to keep me sane.  …Hopefully.

I do need to step away from the computer occasionally, to see the sun, stretch, walk, shower etc- so I’ll leave a note to say what I’m up to.  I want to be on camera as much as possible though!  It’s basically a performance piece for however long I can hack it.

Okay, it began at 7:40 on January 16th, 2018 (MY time and date- I’m in New Zealand- UTC+13).  I’m wearing a stopwatch showing how long I’ve been awake.  The *real* action begins after a night without sleep.  8AM on Wednesday the 17th for me.

2PM Jan 16th for East Coast North America
11AM Jan 16th for West Coast North America
7PM Jan 16th for the UK

I’ll be doing a reddit AMA.

And all the while, streaming.

Thanks for checking it out!

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Cheerio 🙂

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