Professional Authors’ Services

Need another author to help? You’ve found a Writing Coach who loves assisting other writers with their work!  Check out what I offer below, send me an email with what you’re looking for, and we’ll get started.

heidi (at) hgbells (dot) com

Blue Pencil: Most projects get rejected on the first page, but they still ask for more to see if you’ve got more than one perfect page in you!  Get the first 10 pages of your MS query-ready!  I’ll go over them with a fine-toothed comb and help you get it polished and perfect so it hits the “full request” pile instead of the recycle bin.  The deets: you send me 10 pages (double-spaced, 12 point Times, just like you’d send an agent), and I’ll send them back totally marked up with detailed notes, suggestions, demands, criticisms, and praise.  $80USD.

Blue-Sky: Stuck on something?  Need to talk craft with someone experienced who knows what you’re going through?  Have an interview with me on skype and we’ll figure it out together.  Essentially therapy for writers 😉  $120 an hour; half hour minimum, hour and a half maximum, unless we’ve had sessions before and have pre-arranged it.  This includes a short initial email with what you’d like to talk about so I can prep and offer the best help I can.

Editing Services: Whether it be a flash fiction story, a short story, a novelette, novel, or screenplay, I can read it for you and offer a wide variety of feedback.  General overview (plot, characters, general comments) will run you $100USD/10,000words, rounded to the nearest $10, minimum $40 (screenplays are a little different, email me for details).  More in-depth, like really digging into it, making tons of edits, suggestions, moving sentences around, rewriting things, is much more involved.  Please e-mail me with a bit about your project and what you’re looking for to arrange a quote.

Whatever you do, best of luck with your work.

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