Forgotten is an audio series I’ve been working on.  Episodes are short, 1-3 minutes each.  Is it a podcast?  I don’t know.  It’s an oddcast.  Content gets more unnerving as they go along, and Forgotten is not intended for younger viewers.

Episodes will be archived here.

1: Forest Dream

2: Inbetween

3. Pain

4. Colours

5. Choices

6. Waiting

More about Forgotten  

When I write Forgotten, it looks like this (program is Scrivener):

Not pictured: the stop watch I use to time the bits meant to be said together.  I love it when I can get certain words to match up in the middle of phrases, and when we end huge, disparate sections at the same time, I get a little giddy.

When we record it (just on our iPad), Aaron and I stand side by side and read.  We’ll each have a crack at reading our own part in a run-through while the other just listens.  Then, we hit record, and we read together.  Like, not each recording separately, cutting them together later.  What you hear is what was happening in the room.  This is extremely challenging (reading totally different sections of dialogue at the same time has been a fun and maddening new skill to learn!) but makes for an interesting finished product.

We are getting better as we go along; the level of synchronicity we are able to achieve in some of the passages are just erie.

When I edit the audio of Forgotten, it looks like this (program is Garage Band):

This was one of the more challenging pieces yet- so many bloopers, so many times we had to repeat sections over and over until we got the timing right.

So that’s Forgotten.  It’s a fun little project.  Thanks for checking it out!



Forgotten is written by H.G. Bleackley

The Voices: Aaron Bleackley, Heidi Bleackley

Music: Kevin MacLeod (

All rights reserved.

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