The Spell Carriers Series

Currently, The Spell Carriers Series has two books completed.  A third is being outlined, with a fourth simmering away on a back burner of my brain.

This will be a four book (or possibly five or six book) Fantasy series.

Below, you’ll find a synopsis.  But, for the sake of brevity, my two-book pitch is as follows:

Elli has part of a counterspell locked away in her mind.  She struggles through brutal obstacles in enemy territory to reach the wizards that will channel the power she holds.  Everyone is pursuing her, and, with the diabolical control spell raging across the globe, she must chose who to trust to help her to safety.  She lays down her life to unleash the magic held in her mind, attempting to break the control spell and free the innocent victims made puppets by it.

Trook Hunters is about one man’s complete and utter devotion to finishing what he started.  He assembles a team to track, hunt, and kill the horrible Trooks, monsters which were the scourge of their journeys in Elli.  His sword helps him along the way but takes his memories; the degradation of his mind is a terrible hinderance, but he presses on, even when he forgets his quest.

A Synopsis (Spoilers below!)

Elli washes ashore nearly dead.  She is taken in by prisoners of war who share her goal of destroying the villain, Nefus, his empire, and the terrible spell he has engineered to control people against their will.  After several encounters with Nefus’ minions, during which the prisoners hide Elli and keep her safe, she confides in them her greatest secret.  Elli carries part of the couterspell needed to undo Nefus’ vicious control spell.  She is a vessel for it, and the prisoners realize they must deliver Elli to the wizards that can unleash the powerful spell from her mind.

But first they must escape their captivity.  A plan is enacted to rid the land of the Phebracks, the pig-like race holding the continent hostage while Nefus gathers strength.  The main party consists of Elli, North (her true love), Banhaks (a former soldier of Nefus’), and Bazzil (another Spell Carrier, gifted with extraordinary hearing).

Together, they battle the Phebracks and destroy their base, fighting Trooks, terrible monsters which Nefus created to guard, and terrorize, his prisoners.  They return victorious only to find that all the people, and seemingly most of the animals, have vacated the region.  They follow the tracks, surmising that Nefus’ control spell is to blame for the unsettling mass exodus.

Elli, North, Banhaks, and Bazzil are claimed by magical swords, found in a secret cache while they re-supply in an empty city.  When they take them, they do not know their true nature, though their use has great consequences and will later play pivotal roles in their quest.  Elli’s will occasionally kill the monstrous Tobrooks, though, bafflingly, without any regularity.  Bazzil’s will sometimes throw opponents away from him, though it also seems erratic.  North’s and Banhaks’ swords have no visible effects… but later the true nature of Banhaks’ bridge sword is revealed in the terrible climax…

Dragons help our heroes along they way, but they are captured.  Elli and Bazzil escape, leaving North and Banhaks in the mass of the unwilling enemy army.  The two Spell Carriers make it to friendly wizards who learn how to use their spell.  While a huge battle of unwilling combatants rages, the counterspell is unleashed and frees all the people enslaved by Nefus.

Banhaks, who Nefus manages to regain control over, stabs Elli through the heart, enabling her to cross the bridge it creates between her and Nefus’.  Elli fights a battle of minds with Nefus, destroying him thoroughly, though also destroying her dear friend Banhaks’ mind in the process.

Book two, “Trook Hunters”, picks up right where “Elli” leaves off, following Bazzil on his dangerous quest of redemption, and Banhaks, who remains connected to Nefus, drawing strange scenes while he remains trapped in a stupor.

So, that’s the story so far.  I find myself struggling to summarize.  I’m in the process of courting an agent to represent these works; I really would just like to get on writing them and have an expert sell my work for me.

Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

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