Luka and Iso

My latest novel is about the first genetically engineered dragon.  Sure, we’d make all sorts of useful things with our scientific advances in genetic engineering, but also designer creatures.  And of course someone would make a dragon.

Luka is interning at his father’s prodigious bioengineering company, where he takes a shine to their secret dragon project.  One of the scientists flaunts international law and made it not only sentient, but fiercely intelligent.  Luka must rescue the dragon before it is destroyed by its creator.  They flee dragon slayers, Iso’s creator, and a mercenary, all of whom are trying to kill him.  They must get the public on their side before they can come out of hiding…

“Luka and Iso” takes a hard look at what it means to be a person, and if society will ever let sentient non-human entities have autonomy over their lives.

I also have a pretty tight screenplay adaptation of this novel.  It was wonderful to translate it for the silver screen; I think it will make an amazing sci-fi film with the right people behind it.

It could stand alone, or, if there’s a willing audience, it could be the first in a series.  I have an arc.

I’ll keep you posted on “Luka and Iso” while I get it published.

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