Where to Read My Work

Currently, my work can be found in the following (click on the titles):

To listen to my Oddcast, Forgotten, click here!

Zombies Galore, in which my piece “Monday Matinee Madness” sets the tone for the collection.   You can click “Look Inside” and ready my whole story for free!

Dark Light II: Featuring the scariest story I’ve ever written, “Duck”.

Haunted Waters Press- this one is online, for free!

My short story, Mirror Twenty-Two, is up and available for you to read for free!

A Quick Bite of Flesh

My piece is “Coping Mechanisms” and will feature in this gripping anthology of zombie flash fiction.  Currently out for Kindle, in print on October 1st. Buy the paperback here, and the Kindle edition here.

Once Bitten, Never Die

This supernatural anthology opens with my piece “Seven of Seven of Seven”.  In it, I explore the terrible descent into becoming a werewolf.  (I’m published under the anem “Heidi Lengwenat”- I’ve since married and decided on my pen name.)  “Once Bitten, Never Die” is chockablock full of tales of being bitten by all the horrible monsters we love to fear.

It’s been a great exercise practicing short stories.  It’s really tightened up my writing, and has made me fall in love with the short form.  I’ll be writing them as breaks between novels my whole life.

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