Current Projects

I’m a writer. I love to write. It excites me to find the correct word, the pleasing turn of phrase, the story hook.  Making characters jump off the page, and having my beta readers tell me I made them cry is invigorating.

I have written a total of five novels.

The most recent, and most promising, is a novel about what would happen if everyone in the world stopped sleeping.  Spoiler: we die.  In weeks.  In days.  It was a challenge and it turned out marvellously well.  I’m currently seeking an agent to represent it.

Additionally, I’ve written two fantasy novels, the first having more of an adventure feel, and the second delving into darker places. They are part of the Spell Carriers Series, which will likely be an ongoing work throughout my life. When you make a world and love writing it, it’s hard to stay away.

Here, you can read more about the Spell Carriers series, with synopsis’ and other information.  Gosh though, I wish I was better at selling my work… All this stuff I put together really doesn’t do it for me; I just want people to read the darn books!  (If anyone needs an agent, it’s me- love writing, but selling my writing is a daunting endeavour.)

I also have a sci-fi, Iso, about the first genetically engineered dragon.  He was made intelligent, and his is a tail of what it means to be human and to have rights.  I adapted it into a screenplay, which is currently being considered for the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship.

I spent two years writing short stories, six of which have been published.  It was an interesting time, and helped me hone my craft, but mainly it served to put some things on my CV for when I’m courting agents.

If you’re counting, you’ll notice I didn’t mention the fifth novel I’ve written.  It’s because it’s terribly embarrassing, and it will be published under a pseudonym.  It’s urban fantasy with a heap of paranormal romance thrown in to boot.  It was good fun.

So that’s where I’m at.  Five novels, tons of short stories, and a screenplay.

…And I’ll just keep on going.

Gosh I love this!

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